MSL increase product diversity with laser projection solutions that can help make the manufacturing process more efficient.

MSL has formed an exclusive UK partnership with Virtek that will offer increased product diversity to our extensive list of UK manufacturing customers.

Following the management buyout in 2019, the company made clear its aspirations to evolve under new ownership and to this end the MSL brand will continue to provide customers with market leading solutions in the fields of 3D inspection software and portable metrology solutions, such as 3D scanning and fully automated quality control, we will increase our expansion into the digital measurement and information sectors, predominantly around the current trend in manufacturing automation and data exchange known as Industry 4.0.

MSL to increase adoption of the Virtek Iris 3D system.

As part of the company’s expansion plans MSL will increase adoption of the Virtek Iris™ 3D system. Whilst, laser projection systems are not a new technology, the Iris 3D differentiates itself due to the precision of the laser projected image generated from the product’s CAD data and enhanced by the integrated vision system.  MSL have been promoting the benefits of utilising reflective photogrammetry targets for super-fast data capture, multiple device positioning (leap frogging) in a shop floor environment for some time and the Iris 3D utilises the same principles to increase projection envelopes, allowing much larger component applications from a single hardware investment.


What does our partnership with Virtek mean to our customers?

It means that we can now also support the production and build processes for composite lay-up, fabrication, and guided assembly, projecting laser templates exponentially faster with innovative vision technology with laser projection in one system.

Andrew Tagg, Managing Director at MSL said “I believe this gives us true diversity and the ability to not only engage with our customers, but also to become a trusted partner because we understand their business needs and are therefore able to support their entire end-to-end manufacturing process”.

“We are delighted to explore this partnership with MSL and the value it offers the industry and our customers alike. MSL delivers turn key solutions that combines measurement and laser projection technology which creates a total new range of customer benefits. Together, we can provide a unique customer experience that not only presents innovative solutions to challenges in the manufacturing process, but can also demonstrate dramatic time-savings and significant cost reductions for manufacturers.” explained Axel Rieckmann, Virtek EMEA Sales Director.

accelerate workflow

Accelerate Workflow and avoid production delays

Faster setup and realignments mean significant time savings and increased workflow productivity.


Minimize repair costs and

Open the work order, and the system will begin projecting. Start working right away.


Increase speed and precision with reduced operator errors

Reduces ownership cost, reduces maintenance time with field-replaceable components. Avoid costly delays and eliminate operator error.

Virtek Iris 3D

With the Iris 3D, the laser projected image is always precise, because it is generated from the product’s CAD data.